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  • Best Friend Bail-Out

    Your besties says they’d do anything for you – but would they ACTUALLY? Beginning January 17th at 7am & 5pm, we’ll be giving you a call for your chance to play Best Friend Bail-Out. This is where we give you an insanely ridiculous situation and you need to convince your best friend to do it; […]

  • $10,000 One Minute Movie (2022)

    It’s time to unleash Your inner Scorsese and Spielberg With 102.1 The Edge’s $10k One Minute Movie! 102.1 The Edge’s $10k One Minute Movie is your chance to go all Sofia Coppola on your smart phone and pocket $10,000. Just recreate your favourite film in 60 seconds or less. Not a scene – the ENTIRE […]

  • 3 Quick Questions – Winter Edition

    We are constantly working hard to become a better radio station.  We think we’re doing okay, but it’s your opinion that REALLY matters. We’ve come up with yet another round of our 3 Quick Questions just in time for Winter, so take a few minutes and answer the questions below. You’ll help us make some […]