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  • TikTok Contest!

    Remember going to concerts… Remember how much fun we had? Well now is your chance to get your story out there and relive the moment! We want to hear your wildest concert experience in the city. Follow The Edge on TikTok and stitch our contest video with your story for a chance to win $500 […]

  • Heads Or Tails: Season 3

    “The Ultimate Game Of Chance” is back for the most intense season yet. Are YOU brave enough to play Heads Or Tails and put your fate in the the hands of the B-Team? Each week, we’ll pick one person each week to come down to the Edge studios and flip a coin for their chance […]

  • 3 Quick Questions – Fall Edition

    We are constantly working hard to become a better radio station.  We think we’re doing okay, but it’s your opinion that REALLY matters. We’ve come up with yet another round of our 3 Quick Questions just in time for Fall, so take a few minutes and answer the questions below. You’ll help us make some […]