Solidarity in the Fight to End Racism! #fightracism #blacklivesmatter #enoughisenough. This song is one of Nandis favourite songs. Nandi has loved @rageagainstthemachine since she was a baby.

From the hallowed grounds of their hometown Boston ballpark, Dropkick Murphys will be STREAMING OUTTA FENWAY with a full-on live performance – FREE from the infield dirt !!! Featuring a special ‘Fenway Double Play’ with Bruce Springsteen. We’re raising money for Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston, and the Boston Resiliency Fund.

Stream the new single “Cold Shoulder” off the forthcoming album Ruthless by JJ Wilde now

The official audio for Benjamin Gibbard’s cover of Minor Threat’s “Filler”, out now on Barsuk /Bedside Recordings.

Official trailer for ‘The Raconteurs: Live at Electric Lady’ EP and documentary film out on May 29th.

Radiohead recorded at the Astoria, London on the 27th of May 1994.

A short film originally produced for and seen on tour made by Billie Eilish.

Japandorids ‘Massey F*cking Hall is due June 19 with a vinyl release following on October 2.

Twenty One Pilots unite outside during an at-home performance of their song “Level of Concern” for The Tonight Show.

Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform a socially-distant video of Phenomena with guitarist Nick Zinner.

“We started working on this song back in 2017 and it didn’t quite make it on our new album so we thought we’d give it to you during these odd times that we are in.” – Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker

“Lamb’s Wool” is Foster the People’s second single in as many months, following the recent success of “It’s Ok to be Human”. “It’s Ok to be Human” was written by Mark Foster in response to COVID-19 with an accompanying compassion essay titled Reflecting on the Pause In A Global Plague.

“Hey guys, so sorry about the postponement of HELLA MEGA. Here’s an acoustic cover of Green Day’s Time of your Life. (My wife joined me!) Next summer we shall rock.” – Rivers Cuomo of Weezer

This isn’t a dream, or a drill of Green Day’s cover of Blondie’s Dreaming.

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