Bladder Cancer Canada Awareness “Virtual” Walk 2020

This year, support starts at home for the 12,000 Canadians
who will be diagnosed with bladder cancer.

This year, 12,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with bladder cancer, and for many of these Canadians, the global development of COVID-19 will impact their bladder cancer diagnoses, treatments and outcomes. It will also impact how they receive support, and how thousands of Canadians will help raise money for Bladder Cancer
Canada’s support programs, awareness campaigns and research funding. Every year, Canadians come together in parks across Canada and raise approximately $600,000 for Bladder Cancer Canada via its annual awareness walk campaign. As a result of COVID-19, the organization has decided to move to a “virtual” walk to protect the health and safety of their bladder cancer community, especially for those with compromised immune

   Canadians facing bladder cancer always need our support.

“We’re changing the event format this year as a result of social distancing requirements and recommendations and are instead encouraging participants to walk during the month of September in very small groups, while still raising money for Bladder Cancer Canada,” says Ferg Devins, Chair of BCC’s Board of Directors. “Even during a pandemic, Canadians facing bladder cancer need our support, and this year, support starts at home.”

Participants can walk when and where they want – any time in September. They can run on their treadmill, hike their favourite ravine, or stroll their neighbourhood. On October 7, BCC will host an online wrap-up event to highlight and celebrate the hundreds of walkers, volunteers, physicians and researchers across Canada who enable the organization to forward their mission to increase awareness of bladder cancer, support patients and fund research.

Join the virtual movement this September – visit to register yourself or a team and start fundraising today!

Founded in 2009 by bladder cancer survivors, Bladder Cancer Canada is a nationally-registered Canadian charity. Supported by a Medical Advisory Board and a Medical Research Board consisting of the top bladder cancer specialists across Canada, Bladder Cancer Canada’s mission aims to help bladder cancer patients and their support teams address the day-to-day issues of this disease; increase awareness among the general public and medical community; and fund research into the diagnosis, treatment and elimination of the disease.