Milky Chance: Mind The Moon Tour 2020 * NEW DATE *

After the success of Sadnecessary and Blossom , their third album Mind the Moon is nothing less than the distillation of their songwriting spirit. While they started off with a smooth, minimalist sound, their second album added distinguished layers that any muso could appreciate.

Mind the Moon succeeds in embodying this paradox and sees Dausch and Rehbein achieve the transiti on from a fairy tale pop phenomenon to the truly gifted songwriters that they’ve always been.

The new tracks are an easy listen with catchy melodies and a laid-back vibe – but there is depth that hooks the listener beyond the first impression. How much depth can a light-hearted pop song actually have? “Mind the Moon” gives you the answer. Like its forerunner “Blossom,” the album was produced with Tobias Kuhn .