Cage The Elephant


“After becoming one of rock’s most promising bands, their singer’s life fell apart – and they made their best album yet.” – Rolling Stone (feature)“Cage the Elephant’s songs unmistakably connect to rock’s past. Its music is studded with sonic and structural allusions, though it doesn’t linger on any particular style or era. And the songs are never simply period pieces or party tunes. The band doesn’t merely understand, and revel in, what a historical anomaly it is. It also has feelings, and shows them.” – The New York Times

“The band’s sound seems more genuine, their strut into personal disorder authentic. Confidence runs throughout this assured album as if the band has finally found a hard-fought consistency. It’s the sound of Cage The Elephant finally uncaged.” – Associated Press

“The album’s introspection paired with its urgent energy make Cage The Elephant sound more passionate than ever.” – Entertainment Weekly

“The rock mainstay has lost none of their edge, expertly balancing gravity, dread, and the chaotic embrace of change against the scratchy guitars and unruly vocals that, even years later, remain indispensable to their signature sound.” – Consequence of Sound

“’Social Cues’ shows the group maturing musically without losing its grip on their ability to craft haunting, accessible tunes ready for the larger venues they have rightfully graduated to.”

– American Songwriter

“Cage The Elephant have proven to be one of the most reliable and entertaining rock bands around and Social Cues has plenty of spectacular music to make it a 2019 Top 10 contender.” – Under The Radar

“’Social Cues,’ a satisfying collection of glitzy anthems, breezy vibes, and even some earnestly introspective highlights that showcase technical and creative maturity amid a continuation of that efficacious recipe.” – Popmatters

“‘Ready To Let Go’ is as sturdy and inviting as anything they’ve ever done, beginning their latest album cycle with a bang.” – Uproxx

“Thanks to this new album, you’ll fall in love all over again with this band.”San Francisco Chronicle

“‘Ready To Let Go’ does anything but let the viewer go, opting instead to lure curious onlookers in with an intoxicating, blood-spattered strangeness you can’t quite look away from.” – Paste

“Contrary to the song’s title, ‘Ready To Let Go’ does anything but, holding the listener in its intense grip as feelings of paranoia and dread coil ever tighter around your throat.” – Paper