Lasso Jackets

With “Lasso Jackets”, Players is back on the stage and ready to rock
For immediate release
Toronto, May 20, 2022—Players is excited to announce its 18th full-scale
production “Lasso Jackets” which opens on June 9th and and runs until
June 18th at the Tranzac Theatre. After taking a two-year break due to
COVID-19, we’re back to make our audiences laugh, cry and rock their
faces off, albeit with safety protocols in place.
“This is our first show since the pandemic, and we’re ecstatic to be back to
put on more legendary performances for our awesome audiences,” said
Matty Burns, show Director and Artistic Director of Players. “This year’s
production looks to meld the dark survival epic of Yellowjackets with the
optimism and determination of the Ted Lasso team. We’re proud to present
this fresh yet twisted story of teamwork and bonding in an eagerly
anticipated return to the stage.”
Players has three equally important guiding pillars for our shows and
community. It’s important that we produce shows of a high quality, and that
we create a safe and fun space by embracing the diversity and equality of
all involved. But as hilarious as the shows are, our third guiding and
perhaps most important pillar is our mandate where we donate all of our
profits to charity.
“We truly believe Players is one of the most unique theatre experiences
you can have in Toronto,” said Board President Peter Higgins. “It’s a wild
ride put on by our amazingly talented musical and comedy teams,
combined with a killer storyline and a drink… or three. The audience adds a
final touch of magic as we invite them to participate in the boisterous
traditions that make our shows so special.”
As a volunteer theatre company, Players has been donating its season’s
proceeds to charities since the beginning. For this season, we’re pleased to
announce that our charitable partners are The Gord Downie and Chanie
Wenjack Fund, Nellie’s Mission, Joe’s M.I.L.L., and The Princess Margaret
Cancer Foundation.