Sean Watson Graham Live Stream

Sean Watson Graham has seen it all. His musical journey started when his first band, MODERN SPACE bumped into a A&R person while walking along Queen St in his hometown of Toronto, ON. Signed to a major label based on nothing more than their demo, Sean experienced a quick rise to success, songs on the radio, touring the country with bands like Dear Rouge, opening for the Arkells, and performing on the main stages of some of Canada’s leading festivals. But it wasn’t all glitz and glamour. After numerous member changes, and a gruelling writing/demo process, the band had all but called it quits when Sean decided to step away from music in early 2019. 

As the covid-19 pandemic embraced the downtown Toronto core, the boys quarantined and took safe haven at Sean’s family cottage in Sault Ste Marie. With time on their side, they begin recording the debut EP. With Sam in the producer chair, Sean’s vision came to life. 

Unlike previous musical endeavours, this EP is one hundred percent Sean’s creative vision. No business agenda went into writing these songs, there were no outside influences making notes; this is just a pure release of Sean’s true self. Self-released, self-funded, this is a look into Sean’s heart and soul. This is authentic. This is Sean Watson Graham.