Matthew Good and his Band 2024

Matthew Good and his Band 

April 20th 2024

History – Toronto, ON

Matthew Good is a multi-platinum selling Canadian recording artist, best known for his signature vocal
style, guitar-driven melodies, and cinematic lyrics.
He began his career as the frontman for the Matthew Good Band, one of the most successful Canadian
alternative rock bands during the 1990s and early 2000s.
Good’s body of work includes thirteen full-length studio albums, four EPs, two compilation LPs, and one
live album. He has been nominated for 21 Juno Awards throughout his career, with two solo wins for
Rock Album of the Year for Vancouver (2009) and Video of the Year for 2003’s “Weapon”, and two wins
for Best Group (Matthew Good Band) and Best Rock Album for Beautiful Midnight (2000).
He has also garnered eight Top 10 radio singles in Canada as a solo artist, including “Weapon,” “In A
World Called Catastrophe,” “Alert Status Red,” “Born Losers” and “Last Parade.”
His most recent studio album, Moving Walls (2020), was praised as his strongest solo effort, and a
“haunting and cinematic piece of art”.
Through his music, Good’s defiant spirit anchors a vulnerable, unapologetic outlook on life while
offering glimpses of hope and reminding us there is beauty in the world. Never one to bite his tongue,
his hyper-awareness of the world around him, including political, socio-economic, and mental health
issues, has earned him accolades for his thoughtful and deliberate approach.