Edge Fan Friday

This is Carmen Del Rae. She if our lucky sixth and final Edge Fan Friday winner.

Once while performing in a pretty *countryesque* venue, an audience member wanted to be part of the show. SO naturally, she thought  it would be a great idea to run and jump up, and have this tipsy guy catch me mid air…it did NOT end up going well for either of then…

If you haven’t guessed, she really enjoys the art of drag and performing and is a huge musical buff , citing “ The Rocky Horror Picture Show” as one of her all time favs – she even have the iconic rocky lips tattooed on her right man boob.

Fun fact, that outside of performing, she’s also an avid gamer.

One of her biggest pet peeves next to those women in the grocery store lineups who want to speak to the manager 😉 is when you reach for the replacement roll of toilet paper and it’s not there!

Carmen has some unusual quirks which include clapping 3 times when I cross over a rail way track…and making sure her front door is locked once again by touching the door handle 3 times.

If Carmen owned the station everyday, she’s got some big plans that include introducing a spotlight on LGBTQ2S musicians/talent once a week, and sponsoring workshops for upcoming musicians.

#EdgeFanFriday. Only on Toronto’s Real Alternative, 102.1 Carmen Del Rae…for now 😉