Bishop Briggs @ The Opera House

The voice, the sound, the look: Bishop Briggs has it all, and now with an album under her belt, she’s ready to take over the world. First things first though, she came to Toronto on her Church of Scars Tour and played to a SOLD-OUT show at the Opera House on May 15th.

Opened by her new friends, Foreign Air, Bishop was looking to kick-off her tour of Canada in a big way, and she outdid herself. Coming out to her song “White Flag”, Briggs was willing to prove that she would not be denied. On “White Flag” she sings, “I won’t go down slow/I’d rather die/Than give up the fight,” which is a great descriptor of the success that she has achieved over the last 2+ years. Bishop Briggs has been one of the hardest working females in indie pop, contributing to a few singles for other artists, as well as curating her own debut album, Church of Scars. From only having “four released songs at Wayhome” (in 2016), Bishop has been hard at work to prove that “River” wasn’t the only trick up her sleeve.

Among the powerful singles sprinkled throughout the performance like “Dreamer”, “The Way I Do”, and “Wild Horses”, Bishop Briggs really shined on some of the lesser known Church of Scars-songs. Songs like “The Fire” and “Hallowed Ground” really show how well rounded Brigg’s vocal range is, and her songwriting has matured gracefully over the past two years. Personally, her highest moment comes during the song “Hi-Lo (Hollow)”, which wrapped up her set. With the lights set down low, and a single beam illuminating Bishop, she starts the song very low and foreboding but when it reaches the chorus, she absolutely belts it out, testing the full range of her voice. It is incredible to behold.

Don’t miss out the next time she comes through town, you won’t regret it!

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