Reuben and the Dark @ The Drake

Reuben Bullock is not one to rush things. Since the release of Reuben and the Dark’s debut album, Funeral Sky, in 2014, the band has been hard at work creating new music for their fans. They have recently set out on the Hurricane Tour, and at The Drake Hotel on March 28th, fans got a sneak peek at what to expect on their upcoming album.

With a mix of songs, old and new, Reuben and the Dark put on quite the show. It was the perfect setting for them as well: dim lights, low ceilings, and warm vibes helped to set the backdrop for these Alberta-natives. While “Rolling Stone” had the crowd clapping along, and “Bow and Arrow” had the fans singing along, it was on the new tunes such as “Hurricane” that RATD really took in stride. Reuben Bullock’s voice could cut butter in that room, and the Dark complimented his every note. Each song took you to a new place, and the journey was well worth the wait for the new music on the way.

The only question now is, who’s more excited for the album to be released: fans or the band? I know I’m raising my hand!

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