MGMT @ Massey Hall

If we learned one thing from MGMT’s show at Massey Hall on March 19th, it’s that MGMT knows how to put on a SHOW!

Returning to Toronto, in what feels like forever, the boys of MGMT came ready to play. Hot off the heels of their latest record, Little Dark Age, in February, the night consisted of a blend of tunes new and old. Kicking the night off with the eponymous song off the record, “Little Dark Age”, and following it up with “When You Die”, showed off how the band has matured since their first record, Oracular Spectacular, hit stores back in 2007. However, they were quick to remind the long-time fans of their roots, by busting out “Time to Pretend” right after. That got everybody out of their seats.

MGMT has been pushing the alternative music scene since 2007, with songs like “Time to Pretend” and “Kids” leading the way. Their blend of electronic music with contemporary rock sounds have been finely crafted on Little Dark Age, and you know it to be true as fans have already embraced the new sound. Not even a month and half removed from the release of the record, and fans are already singing along to the likes of “Me and Michael” and “Hand It Over”. But it was the hits like “Electric Feel” that kept the fans coming back for more. Thanks to MGMT for reminding us just how amazingly talented they are!

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