Stay Warm Fest 2018 @ Danforth Music Hall

It might not be the frigid wasteland we were trying to survive in just a few weeks ago, but it is still fairly chilly outside right now. That’s why (almost) hometown punks Silverstein and a few of their friends put on the Stay Warm Festival at the Danforth Music Hall this past Thursday night, heating up the venue with a series of red-hot performances.

First up were Picturesque from Lexington, Kentucky, who sound a lot like fellow post-hardcore band Circa Survive, complete with intertwining guitar licks and multi-octave vocals. Oceans of sound spilled out from the stage into the crowd.

Second were Los Angeles’ pop punks Broadside, who played a short but sweet set filled with little instrumental hooks that effectively buried themselves in the audience’s ears and stayed there long after the band had finished. 

Selfish Things came from the far off land of Queen Street West, and brought with them a heavy, heavy dose of chugging guitar riffs and propulsive rhythms. They were surprisingly melodic for such a heavy act, taking a page out of the Jimmy Eat World style of songwriting, albeit much more intense. It wasn’t all hard rock though, as frontman Alex Biro did play a few low-key songs on the keyboard as well. 

Due to a last-minute withdrawal, Silverstein were supreme gentlemen and decided to play two sets to make up for the empty slot. Their first was a collection of songs from all over their vast catalogue, reaching all the way back to 2003’s When Broken is Easily Fixed and going until last year’s Dead Reflection. Their immense post-hardcore sound is just as potent as the day they started eighteen years ago, and the audience was delighted as the Burlington band pulled out classic gems like “Smashed Into Pieces” and “Still Dreaming”. Moshing and crowd surfing soon commenced.

Their second set consisted of their 2005 record Discovering the Waterfront played front to back and the energy in the room did not let up for a second. “Smile in Your Sleep” was a nostalgia trip worthy of a #TBT and it’s safe to say that the crowd in the Danforth did indeed, stay warm.

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