COIN @ Mod Club

It would be impossible to talk too much about COIN’s show at the Mod Club on February 16th.

It was nothing short of an incredible performance, and the energy that they brought to that stage made everybody want to move. Fresh off of the release of their third album, 2018’s Growing Pains, they were ready to bust out some new tunes, but made sure to pay tribute to die hard fans as well. In 2016, it was the summer of their hot single, “Talk Too Much”, but it was the rest of their performance that really solidified the experience.

Coming out to the eponymous track from their third album, “Growing Pains”, the crowd was dialed-in right from the get-go…or, was it Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” that played as their intro music? Nope, definitely the arrival of COIN is what got the crowd fired-up! I happened to be behind four girls who were singing their hearts out the whole night, which helped everyone around to get in on the fun and the hype! Even COIN’s frontman, Chase Lawrence, was impressed by the crowd’s level of participation, giving several nods to them throughout the night. Looking forward to more from COIN in 2018!

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