Marilyn Manson @ Rebel

There is only one way to describe the long-awaited Marilyn Manson show at REBEL on February 11th: Short, but sweet!

While it has been almost 4-months since the original date of Marilyn Manson’s latest show, due to an on-stage injury that occurred in October, Manson came through on his promise to darken a Toronto-stage once again. Manson came out of the gates hot, so much so that the thick fog around him at the beginning of the show almost made him unrecognizable. However, when he began to sing, it was hard to mistake the presence that had just taken the stage. Coming out to “The Reflecting God”, sitting atop his high chair, Manson looked as though he were some sort of demonic-entity, ready to capture the hearts of anyone willing to listen.

Tearing through other hits, such as “This Is the New Shit”, “Kill4Me”, and his cover of “Sweet Dreams”, by the Eurythmics, had the sold-out crowd busting at the seams. With little room to move on the REBEL dancefloor, the crowd almost moved to the music as one. Manson, above all else, is a major performer. He is able to gravitate the attention in the room to whatever he may be doing, and it is really a sight to behold in-person. His stage presence is undeniable, his performance inimitable. Ending the night off with “Beautiful People” had everyone mixing it up, and wishing for more!

If, for some reason, you are a Marilyn Manson-fan who has NOT seen him live, stop whatever you are doing and put this at the top of your bucket list, because this is one show you have to see!

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