Weekly survey: Is guitar rock making a comeback?

While it’s never gone away, guitar-based music–especially on the alt-rock side of the leger–hasn’t been as popular as it once was, supplanted by everything from an infinite number of electronic sounds to banjos. New alt-rock (outside of a few bands like the Foo Fighters and Greta Van Fleet) doesn’t really, well, rock. However, Dave Grohl feels a change coming. In a recent interview, he says that “the dial is starting to turn back to guitar music…There are so many great bands out there that hopefully will start getting more attention.” And he’s right, especially if you look at the British indie scene. Guitars are coming back and coming back hard. Your thoughts? Do you feel the same as Dave? Or are you happy with the way things are? https://twitter.com/alancross/status/1452615739731496961

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