5 songs you must hear this week: 22 June 2020

Since the world did not end as scheduled this past weekend and that summer is officially here, let’s dive into some happy summery stuff.

1. Dayglow, Can I Call You Tonight?
Fuzzy Brain (AWAL)
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Sloan Struble, the guy behind Dayglow, is a multi-instrumentalist from near Fort Worth, Texas, who is seeing this two-year-old song start to catch fire in some parts of North America after lurking as an online hit. While he’s new to many radio listeners, this video has seen more than 27 million views on YouTube. WARNING: This is an ear-wormy sort of song.

2. Benee, Supalonley ft. Gus Dapperton
Stella & Steve (Republic)
RIYL: Lightweight summer alt-pop

Stella Rose Bennett is just 20 but this Kiwi (she’s from Auckland) has racked up 900 million streams of this song so far. Heck, it passed the quarter-million mark before she made her first TV appearance. How? TikTok. It took this song viral.

3. Neon Trees, Best New Friends
I Can Feel You Forgetting Me (Thrill Forever/ADA)
RIYL: More lightweight summer pop

Another anthemic sort of song with a happy melody that masks some slightly darker feelings. Yet the overall effect is uplifting and comforting. Note that the band wrote it with the idea of listening in the car while going on a drive on a summer night. You’ll hear it.

Hotel Mira, Better On Your Own
Perfectionism (Light Organ Records)
RIYL: Strokes-ish bands

Thumbs up: A worthy follow-up to the band’s last single, “This Could Be It for Me.” A driving beat with some happy la-la-las included. Thumbs down: Porsche is pronounced as two syllables (Por-SCHE). Picky, I know, but as a car guy…

Hartnoll & Young, I’m Going Shopping
Single (Independent)
RIYL: Shopping?

People are desperate to get out of lockdown to do…well, anything that doesn’t involve staying at home 24/7. Paul Hartnoll (one-half of Orbital) and poet/performance artist Murray Lachlan Young have created a post-lockdown “neo-apocalyptic” single for those determined to re-engage with some retail therapy. All proceeds from the sale of the single will go to the UK’s National Health Service. Go here to learn more.

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