5 songs you must hear this week: 13 January 2020

Out of the hundreds of song submissions that came in last week, here are the five I think are most ear-worthy. Thoughts? Let me know.

1. Tame Impala, Lost in Yesterday
The Slow Rush (Interscope)
Recommended If You Like: Nostalgic sounds, Bonnaroo headliners

Amidst news that Tame Impala (aka Fremantle, Australia’s Kevin Parker) will be a headliner at Bonnaroo comes this another new loopy, disco-y single from an album will be out February 14. In case you missed the other three singles, they are Posthumous Forgiveness, It Might Be Time, and Borderline.

2. Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders, Middle Child
Get the Money (Shanabelle/RCA Records)
RIYL: Foo Figthers, obviously…

The Foos other drummer is back with another single from the most honestly-named band in the history of rock. If you love the concept of early 80s MTV, you’ll find much to love with the video. Boss Dave Grohl is also on this track.

3. Michael Stipe, Drive to the Ocean
Single (Audiam)
RIYL: REM, obviously…

After not being very active musically since REM called it a day, Michael Stipe has released two singles in the last four months. Back on October, he issued Your Capricious Soul. Now, just in time for his 60th birthday, he has this climate change song. Proceeds will go to Pathway to Paris, a nonprofit organization that’s pushing for the Paris Accord. Stipe directed the video himself.

4. F-ed Up, In View
Single (Independent)
RIYL: Hip Covers

Back in October, F-ed Up released one of their trademark limited-edition 7-inch singles—in this case, just 200 copies were pressed up. The B-side to Fading Eyes was a bit of a surprise: a cover of the Hip song, In View. It’s taken a while, but that recording has ended up online for everyone to hear. (BTW, Gord was a fan of F-ed Up and even guested as a singer on a 2014 track called The Art of Patrons).
Listen here.

Goody Grace feat. Blink-182, Scumbag
Single (Atlantic)
RIYL: Small town success stories

Goody Grace grew up in Selkirk, Manitoba, a small city just north of Winnipeg and about 20 kilometres from where I lived for the first 21 years of my life. How does a guy from this place on the Canadian prairies end up getting Blink-182 to perform on one of his song? Hard word. He’s worked or collaborated with a number of people over the last five years from his new home in LA. He’s got enough of a rep that (a) he got a major label deal with Atlantic and (b) people now return his calls.

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