Caught on camera: Montreal squirrel takes GoPro up a tree, then promptly drops it

WATCH: A squirrel in Montreal took a GoPro camera for a ride up a tree after being lured to take the camera using a cashew and rubber band on Dec. 1.

Technology isn’t just for humans.

Montréal vlogger David Freiheit had a brilliant idea. On Dec. 1, he attached a cashew to his GoPro with a rubber band, placed it at the base of a tree and waited.

Sure enough, a curious squirrel getting ready for winter couldn’t resist a delicious snack.

It picked up the cashew — along with the attached GoPro — and took it up a tree.

The new-model GoPro measures 66 millimetres (2.61 inches) along its largest dimension, making it smaller than past models.

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Video recorded by the camera takes viewers on a rocky ride as the squirrel, holding the device tightly to its chest, scurries up a tree.

The furry, unofficial Canadian mascot stops at the top, at which point viewers get a brief glimpse of the world below through its eyes.

Then the camera tumbles to the ground, thanks to the squirrel’s case of the butter fingers paws.

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The plan worked perfectly, Freiheit said, unlike the previous times when he used peanut butter to attract the animals instead of a nut.

“It was a cashew that I attached to the GoPro with a rubber band,” he told Storyful.

“I learned the hard way that the squirrels have a tougher time chewing through duct tape, and they often take the GoPro too far up a tree and leave it on the branch.”

Luckily, Freiheit was able to get some entertaining footage without any damage done to his pricey device.

“I was lucky to get a hand on the camera before it hit the ground,” he wrote in a comment on the video.

“Otherwise, I think it might have broken.”

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