Wildlife trafficking fine for Loon Lake, Sask. man

A Loon Lake, Sask., man has been fined for wildlife trafficking.

Richard Weeseekase, 36, recently pleaded guilty in provincial court to two charges of trafficking wildlife and was fined $6,300.

Saskatchewan conservation officers said they first became aware of Weeseekase in April 2017 when someone made a posting on Facebook stating they were selling moose meat.

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Weeseekase was given a written warning and an explanation of why the activity was illegal, Environment Ministry officials said.

Officials said conservation officers noted Weeseekase was trying to sell moose, elk and deer antlers on his Facebook account in November 2017.

The Environment Ministry’s special investigation unit was brought in and they bought five sets of moose antlers and four sets of white-tail deer antlers from Weeseekase in late 2017, ministry officials said.

They later bought 10 sets of white-tail deer antlers and two sets of elk antlers in October 2018.

Poachers fined, handed Saskatchewan hunting ban

Wildlife trafficking charges were laid against Weeseekase in September 2019.

He was fined $2,800 for the first offence and $3,500 for the second offence.

Weeseekase also received a five-year hunting ban.

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It is illegal in Saskatchewan to sell, advertise for sale, barter or trade any fish or wild game meat that was taken under a sport licence, treaty right or Aboriginal right, according to government officials.

A sale of wildlife permit is required in the province to sell most animal parts.

However, big game antlers that have been separated from the skull can be sold without a permit, but only if the animal was taken with a valid hunting licence and the tag accompanies the antlers.

Shed antlers can be sold without a permit.

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