Influential lo-fi alt performer, Daniel Johnston dead at 58

Lo-fi singer-songwriter and visual artist, Daniel Johnston,  has died at 58 of a heart attack.

The news was reported and confirmed in the Austin Chronicle by his manger.

Johnston recorded his music, DIY style on cassettes where he would also create the art work. He gained an underground following in the mid-80s after moving to Austin.

He received a huge boost was Kurt Cobain considered his 1986 album Yip/Jump Music as one of his favourite records. He also has an iconic photo wearing the artwork of 1983’s Hi, How Are You album art on a t-shirt.

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He was briefly signed in the 90s and released one album on Atlantic Records in 1994 called Fun. Johnston also contributed songs to the soundtrack of the 1995 film Kids.

Johnston released 17 studio albums and the Austin Chronicle said there is one more album that has yet to be released.


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