6-year-old Mississauga girl writes letter to toy retailers asking to reduce plastic packaging

WATCH: A young environmental advocate is proving that good things come in small packages — and, ideally, those packages don’t contain too much plastic.

A six-year-old Mississauga girl has penned a letter to several toy manufacturers and retailers asking them to reduce the amount of plastic packaging on their products.

Khalisah Rahim enjoys her toys but has a problem with how they are packaged.

“I don’t like plastic,” she said.

Rahim’s concern over single-use plastic and packaging convinced her to write her letter, which reads in part: “Why is there so much plastic in packaging? It is hurting the Earth.”

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Farrah Rabin says her daughter has learned about environmental issues at school and recently noticed plastic garbage littering the beach during a family vacation in East Africa.

“She said: ‘Mommy, there’s a lot of plastic on the beach,’ and there was bottles, lids and bubble wrap,” Rabin said.

Rahim’s letter has received praise from Prof. Miriam Diamond with the department of earth sciences at the University of Toronto, who was forward the message by Global News.

“Wow, she’s got a lot of gumption and she’s telling it like it is. In Canada, we use three billion single-use plastic grocery bags every year,” Diamond said.

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One toy retailer, Walmart, responded to Rahim’s letter late Tuesday.

“We welcome ideas from tomorrow’s leaders, like Khalisah, because reducing plastic in Canada won’t happen in isolation,” Walmart said.

“Reducing unnecessary plastic waste and increasing plastic recycling are key priorities for Walmart Canada — and for our customers.”

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