Dave Grohl on his time in Nirvana: "It was more than sound. You could actually feel it."

The Foo Fighters will be one of the headliners at the Reading and Leeds festival in the UK. The means Dave Grohl has been making the British media rounds and the Guardian has a great interview where Dave opens up about some iconic songs from his past.

Grohl says nothing changed his life more than “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

“I didn’t think it was the anthem,” says Grohl, who preferred Lithium and In Bloom. He attributes its success to its lack of pretence. “It would be as moving if it were Kurt and a guitar. We were very protective about our music. We wouldn’t pick up instruments and start singing for no reason. We wouldn’t go play shows that meant nothing to us. Every time we played it was blood and guts. To hear that song on the radio is one thing but to stand in front of us as we did it in the room? Fuckin’ A. It was more than sound. You could actually feel it. Wow.”

He added that back then, they didn’t have lofty goals, he just wanted an apartment so he wouldn’t have to sleep on  Kurt Cobain’s couch anymore.

Dave Grohl then transitions in the article from Nirvana songs to Foo Fighters. He mentions how recording the first Foo Fighters demo helped him heal from the death of Kurt Cobain.

Then I realised that doing the thing I’d always done – go to a basement, record by myself – might restart my heart.”

Read the rest of the interview on the Guardian’s website.

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