Weekly survey: What's weirdest and most unusual cover version you've ever heard?

A million years ago, I was in a Sam the Record Man in Winnipeg browsing the 45s when I stumbled upon what appeared to be a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” Punk was in full swing then and I was excited by the idea of a punked up version of the song. I laid down my money–I think I paid $1.59–and ran home.

What I heard was not what I expected.

It took me a little while to appreciate what Devo was doing with this song. Eventually, though, I came around to the point where I started seeking out weird and unusual covers, odd re-imaginings of classics and wonky interpretations of the work of other artists.

So I put it to you: If we were to make a playlist of weird and usual covers, what would it look like?

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