Lewd behaviour on Kelowna beach shocks Okanagan mom

Jamie Wlesanko lives in Armstrong. On weekends, she travels to Kelowna to visit family and often spends time in City Park.

But Wlesanko is now having second thoughts about returning to the park after what she witnessed last weekend.

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Wlesanko says her daughter saw two women having sex on the beach.

The North Okanagan resident said her daughter told her “Mom, those two are touching their privates, pulling their shirt down.”

Wlesanko says she, too, witnessed the women having sex and confronted them.

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“I said: ‘Can I ask you to please not show your privates in front of my children.’ Then she started to taunt me, saying: ‘You’re homophobic.’

“I said: ‘No, I have no problems with same sex. I don’t care. It’s what you’re showing to my children. It’s disrespectful and I’m just asking you nicely if you can please just put things away where they’re supposed to be.’”

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But Wlesanko says the women would have none of it. She says the women took off their shirts and other witnesses started to get involved.

“A gentleman came through and said: ‘this is disgusting.’ And I said: ‘you got to say something.’ And so he did. He went to them and said something. They mocked him. Wiggled their boobs. That kind of thing.”

Wlesanko said she called police, but that the police wouldn’t come because going topless in Kelowna is not against the law. Police say it’s no different than a man walking around without a shirt on.

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However, Wlesanko says the situation was escalating and the police should have showed up.

“It could have gone somewhere. The other people that were around were getting aggressive. Absolutely it could have gotten physical,” Wlesanko said.

Because the women didn’t break any laws, they reportedly went on their merry way. Now it looks like that might have been Wlesanko’s last visit to City Park.

“If there’s going to be that kind of stuff,” she said, “I don’t want my kid around it.”

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