5 songs you must hear this week: 13 May 2019

1. Bastille, Joy
Doom Days (Capitol)
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What an ominous name for an album title, yeah? We’re told that this is a concept album, one that describes the goings-on at a colourful night at a party. “Colourful?” Yes. One with an atmosphere of “turbulent emotional chaos” and “euphoria, carelessness, and a small dose of madness.” This track—the third advance single—is the eleventh and last song on the record. If this is a concept album, isn’t this like skipping to the last chapter of a book?

2. Mounties, Hitchin’ Man
Heavy Meta (Light Organ Records)
RIYL: The idea of a Canadian supergroup

Another single from the second album by the collective populated by Hawksley Workman, Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat and Age of Electric’s/Limblifter’s Ryan Dhale. If you plan on any kind of roadtrip this summer, you’ll want to have this one at the ready. Heavy Meta is out now.

3. Bombargo, Already There
We Are Bombargo (Independent)
RIYL: Soulful prairie rock. Yes, there’s such a thing.

What’s with Saskatoon lately? Since The Sheepdogs busted out of the city, we’ve seen music from the Currie bothers in BROS, League of Wolves and now a six-piece called Bombargo. These guys just ooze positivity, which might be welcome given the current political chaos. Their debut album (which features a cautionary song about drinking too much called “Pour Me Another”) also includes this song with a video about vans, dogs, and banana pancakes.

4. Mark Lanegan, Stitch It Up
Somebody Knocking (Sub Pop)
RIYL: Grunge survivors

As far as I’m concerned, Mark Lanegan is one of the most underrated frontman to ever come out of the Seattle scene of the early 90s. Yes, there was his work with The Screaming Trees, but since then, he’s cranked out a series of whiskey-voiced albums that drip with emotion. If you enjoy what you hear on this album, there are at least ten other solo albums waiting for you to discover them.

5. HEMBREE, Culture
House on Fire (Oread Records)
RIYL: Twenty One Pilots, Dear Rouge, Foster the People

Here’s a five-piece from Kansas City that seems to have a knack for getting their songs into commercials run during big football games. A track entitled Holy Water was heard in an Apple HomePod commercial that ran during the 2018 Super Bowl and then during a series of Monday Night Football broadcasts, the 2018 Winter Olympics, and the Grammy Awards. Not a bad start, huh? Let’s see what happens with this song.

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