5 songs you must hear this week: 06 May 2019

Here are the five picks from The Music Lab for tracks we should dig into this week. Are they on the right track? Comments welcome.

1. Of Monsters and Men, Alligator
Single (Republic)
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The teasing for this new song began early last week with the posting of a picture of a plush alligator toy captioned with the word “SOON.” Other tweets featuring various alligator images followed. The OMaM universe went nuts (it’s been waiting for new music for, like, forever), speculating on whether this foreshadowed the release of a new single or album. We now know that they were talking about this song at the very least. More to come.

2. Head and the Heart, Missed Connection
Living Mirage (Reprise)
RIYL: Lumineers, Strumbellas, Mumford&Sons

Pleasant wistful new track by the Seattle indie folk bunch heralding the imminent arrival of their fourth album (due May 17). According to the band, this song is how singer Jon Russell meat his girlfriend. They have a long summer tour coming up which may or may not include the 50th anniversary Woodstock event in August. That, however, is another story entirely.

3. Broken Social Scene, Can’t Find My Heart
Let’s Try the After (Vol.2) (Arts&Crafts)
RIYL: Duh. It’s BSS.

Another track from the second volume of the Let’s Try the After EP project. This one will sound very, very good in the car with the windows rolled down and the stereo turned up. To quote frontman Kevin Drew, “Let’s just get to their after and start building again. How do we do it within the isolation of self prescribe empty popularity? How does the ego revolt? How does the heart win? Can it? Maybe after we will find out.”

4. Meg Myers, Running Up That Hill
Single (Atlantic)
RIYL: Kate Bush covers

Meg decided to show respect to Kate Bush’s 1985 classic by not messing much with the original’s arrangement and mood. This track, along with six others, will soon appear on a release that were recorded for her 2018 debut album, Take Me to the Disco, but were never released. It’ll be out in early summer.

5. Dilly Dally, Know Yourself
Single (Independent)
RIYL: The idea of Drake going grunge

And now for something completely different. Yes, this is the Drake song and no, it doesn’t sound much like Drizzy. In fact, it’s pretty much unrecognizable. Dilly Dally is a four-piece from Toronto fronted by Katie Monks who have taken this anthem from The 6 and turned it into this. Pretty cool, innit?

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