Rare David Bowie songs to be released on Clareville Grove Demos

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of David Bowie‘s commercial breakthrough “Space Oddity,” Parlophone Records announced the 7-inch boxset Spying Through A Keyhole.  Today we get news of another rarities collection called Clareville Grove Demos.  This collection of music will be three 7-inch singles and will come out on May 17th.

The songs were recorded in Bowie’s Clareville Grove flat with his roommate John “Hutch” Hutchinson and his then girlfriend Hermoine Farthingale. Of the 6 songs, 4 have never been released before.  The photography is done by Bowie’s manager, Ken Pitt. The cover photo is a picture taken of Bowie at that apartment.

The record labels are made to look like Bowie’s original handwritten titles.

Single 1
Side A
“Space Oddity”
Now featuring the final lyrics, this version of the demo first appeared on the long deleted Space Oddity 40th Anniversary 2CD release. It’s making its debut on vinyl and predates the 2nd February Morgan Studios recording that featured in the unbroadcast Love You Till Tuesday television film.
Side B
“Lover To The Dawn”
This song aimed at a former lover would eventually morph into “Cygnet Committee” recorded for the David Bowie (aka Space Oddity) album later in the year.

Single 2
Side A
Previously recorded in October 1968 by the trio Turquoise featuring David, Hermione and Tony Hill (who became Feathers when Hutch replaced Hill). David and Hutch continued to perform the song as a duo following Hermione’s departure.
Side B
“An Occasional Dream”
Slightly different lyrically to the later album version, this version of the demo also first appeared on the deleted Space Oddity 40th Anniversary release.

Single 3

Side A
“Let Me Sleep Beside You”
A studio version was first recorded in September 1967 but remained unreleased until The World Of David Bowie album in 1970. The song was later recorded in session for the BBC in October 1969 and was one David clearly believed in, recording it once more for the unreleased Toy album 30 years later. That version finally saw the light of day on the Nothing Has Changed 3CD set in 2014.
Side B
“Life Is A Circus”
A cover of an obscure song written by Roger Bunn and recorded by vocal/instrumental quartet Djinn. Vocals are shared, Simon and Garfunkel-style, by David and Hutch.

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