The Rock Rap Sheet - 02/20/2019

Here’s are 3 stories from the world of modern rock today:

  1. Vampire Weekend have shared the official video for their latest single, ‘Harmony Hall’. It shows the band whipping up pancakes in a colourful room while a snake keeps watch.

2. New band alert! Patrick Carney of the Black Keys has launched a new band called “Sad Planets” where he teams up with John Petkovic from Cobra Verde. They’ve released “Not of This World” the lead single off their upcoming debut album “Akron, Ohio” out on April 19th.

3. Are you a die-hard old school Blink-182 fan? According to Mark Hoppus it all comes down to a lyric in “What’s My Age Again”. Turns out many fans, including myself, have been singing “I walk alone… to get the feeling right.” When the ACTUAL lyric is “I wore cologne, to get the feeling right”… which totally makes more sense.

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