The Rock Rap Sheet - 02/05/2019

Here’s are 3 stories from the world of modern rock today:

  1. More Foo Fighters news and this one’s a bit of a downer.

Fresh off their pre-superbowl show, the bands been forced to reschedule a couple shows in New Orleans by a month, due to an injury in the band. No details regarding the nature of the injury or the band member affected have been disclosed but I feel like we can rule out Dave Grohl and broken foot.

2. Tom Delonge may be writing children’s books, but I bet you didn’t know he’s not the only Blink 182-er that tried to enrich the lives of kids. It was revealed in an interview recently that Mark Hoppus once joined forces with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz back in the day to create a children’s TV show called Bronze Blue.

The story was apparently about a group of fish who were in an underwater pop/punk band – sadly the show never saw the light of day.


3. Reserve some space on your book shelves for a new piece on Kurt Cobain. Former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg is sharing his memories of the band in a new book called “Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain – due out on April 2nd.

He handled the band during it’s most successful years from 1990-1994.


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