Carly is fighting for Movember, literally...

Hello my friends! Here it goes, November 23rd, I’ll be stepping in the ring at CBC studios to support Movember in Agency Wars 8.  We’re talking about Olympic style boxing.

It all started in late August. The Edge is not only a supporter of Movember, this year we’re a sponsor.  As a team we were talking about what we could do as individuals to raise money.  Ian volunteer’d to shave off his signature beard to grow a mustache.  As a Mo Sista, and a fair one at that, the mustache wasn’t an option for me.  I wanted to help.

I heard about Agency Wars through a friend.  It’s a night of amateur boxing in support of this awesome charity.  My best buddy Fearless Fred convinced me to go to through tryouts.  I don’t think either of us expected me to make it out of the 2 week boot camp alive, seeing as how my recent activities have been drinking beer, eating snacks, and Netflix.  I made the team, that was 5 weeks ago, and it’s finally set in that this is happening.

Since my 30th Birthday, September 6th, I haven’t had a drink, I’ve trained everyday, and I’ve been following a strict diet assigned to me by a nutritionist. I’m covered in bruises, but I’ve never felt stronger physically or mentally.

When I started this journey I was less afraid of bring punched in the face and more afraid of the required  discipline that up until 5 weeks ago I seriously lacked.  Here I am with 5 weeks to go until fight night, committed 100% to giving my all in that ring.

I’ve passed my medical, I’ve received my official boxing license, I’ve done over 1000 burpees, and now I need your help.  Please donate whatever you can to my Movember MoSpace.  You can buy tickets, or watch my fight online. There’s a good chance I’ll get my ass kicked, but there’s also a chance…I’m starting to believe, that I’ll win.

Help me support our fathers, brothers, partners, and friends in the fight against prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and help support dudes’ mental health!

Wish me luck


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