Is This Dude Banksy?

Did you see this video from the Sotheby’s auction in London?  Banksy’s famous painting “Girl With Balloon (2006)” was sold for $1.4 million. Immediately after the painting was sold, it shredded…itself.

Bansky had planned the whole thing, because art isn’t for the elite, mannnnn…


Hopefully he bought the whole thing too, or someone should be demanding a refund. If it was me I would ask for a 99% discount and the frame.  Think about how dramatically you could end relationships with a shredding frame.  BYE STEVE! THAT TIME WE WENT TO PARIS WAS JUST AN OK TIME!

A bunch of people who really want to know who Banksy is believe he was at the auction at the time of shredding.  They looked at videos posted online and in a few of these videos you see a man taking a picture.  This picture was posted to Banksy’s instagram …

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Going, going, gone…

A post shared by Banksy (@banksy) on


If he posted this picture, then he must be this dude!

Maybe Banksy?

Maybe Banksy?

Screenshot/ Twitter

He kind of looks like my friend’s Dad, Mr.Cathery. Mr. Cathery is a cool Dad who always wear blazers and jeans.  He also owns many pairs of pointy shoes and cool modern glasses.  I was kind of hoping Banksy had like…lizard eyes, and a forked tongue. I just pictured someone a little more edgy, someone with 2 tongues that can move separately.

Of course this guy could just be part of Banksy’s social media team…or maybe Banksy is less of a guy and more of a team of people who together have created the Banksy movement!

What do you think?



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