The Weather Channel's terrifying video of Hurricane Florence's impact

Nothing worse than going down to the basement and seeing a couple inches of water flooding the ground, but how about up to 3 metres in water?

That’s what some parts of North and South Carolina could be facing when Hurricane Florence rages along the coast over the next few days. Sometimes, it is hard to even imagine the kind of destruction that a hurricane can cause, especially living in Southern Ontario, but The Weather Channel put it into a terrifying perspective with their graphics display.

As Hurricane and Storm Specialist, Dr. Greg Postel, demonstrates, the Carolina’s are in for one serious storm.

The real fun begins around the 0:55 mark in the video below:

That’s a lot of water.

Using the latest technology from their media partners, The Future Group, they’ve created videos using the Unreal Engine. If that sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s also a software used to create a lot of popular video games today.

Now, aren’t you glad you don’t live in Hurricane-country?


– Tom

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