Paul McCartney wants to "Fuh You" on New Single

Sorry, what does Sir Paul want to do to me?

Singer, musician, and former-Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney has kept himself fairly busy since the break-up of the world’s greatest music act. From Wings, to Paul and Linda, to his own solo work, McCartney is not one to shy away from challenging himself musically.

So, with the announcement of his latest record, Egypt Station, Sir Paul has really channeled a more modern sound with his latest outing. And nothing better represents that than the first single off of the new album, “Fuh You”.

And yes, it’s exactly what you think it means…

So let me get this straight, Paul…

1963: I Wanna Be Your Man
1964: I Wanna Hold Your Hand
2009: I Want To Come Home
2018: (I Just Wanna) Fuh You

Seems like Sir Paul isn’t beating around the bush anymore in his advancing years.

How do you feel about a 76-year old man telling you he wants to “Fuh You”? He is a Beatle after all…


– Tom


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