Tom's Internet Today | Trump's Space Force, Evolution of Video Game Music, Florida Woman Strikes Again

Here’s the best of the Internet for August 10th, 2018:

August 10th is…Lazy Day, S’Mores Day, Lion Day, and Duran Duran Appreciation Day

Today, you’ll feel Hungry Like The Lion, eating up s’mores on the couch and blasting your favourite Duran Duran tunes. Make sure to let out a roar in your Friday triumph.

Florida Woman on the run from Police gets corralled by cows

Ohhhh Florida Man/Woman, don’t you ever take a day off?

After a white Subaru SUV was reported stolen to police, the situation got udder-ly out of control. The police had managed to put down a strip of spikes to stop the car, but two of the three occupants fled on-foot in a nearby field. Jamie Michael Young, 46, was quickly apprehended by a K-9 unit, but the other, Jennifer Anne Kaufman, also 46, was about to have a different kind of animal encounter.

As she began to run through the farmer’s field, a group of about 12-20 cows joined in on the chase, and began to chase Kaufman out of their enclosure. The video is quite mooving…

The Evolution of Video Game Music

From Pac-Man to Super Mario Bros. to Skyrim and even Candy Crush, Vinheteiro is always crushing it with his classical covers. ‘Evolution of Game Music’ takes you through almost 40 years of game changing music. Make sure you check out Vinheteiro’s YouTube channel for more amazing ivory work.

Donald Trump wants a ‘Space Force’

Donald Trump’s plan to bring a military branch to space, a “Space Force” as he calls it, seems to be growing closer every day. Vice President Mike Pence detailed in press briefing how Trump hopes to bring a sixth branch to the military, and will need Congress’ help to do it. Of course, the late night hosts had lots to say about this.

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