MoMo Is Here To Haunt Your Nightmares

Every generation has something to haunt their nightmares. Bloody Mary was the first. Ask anyone of your friends and guaranteed they have a story about the red witch.

For those of you who want to meet Bloody Mary all you have to do is go into the washroom, turn off all of the lights, stare into the mirror and say her name three times. Personally, I was terrified of her! So intimidated in fact that when I went into the washroom I couldn’t even chant her name. I chanted Slutty Gary instead. Slutty Gary is much more innocent than Bloody Mary; he’s not desperate to kill you, he’s just desperate.

But Bloody Mary is a thing of the past. Other beasts have come to take Mary’s mantle of champion of our nightmares. Slenderman was the latest in the line.

Slenderman has become so famous that he’s even getting his own movie. He creeps in the forest, stalking you. His face is something you can’t unseen. His long, slender fingers crawl up your shoulders before he gets you. Sound creepy? Well this next one is worse!

MoMo is the new Slenderman.

She was born on Reddit, more specifically, the ‘creepy’ subreddit. The reddit community posted a picture to depict MoMo and even gave her a backstory. If you don’t know what MoMo looks like, she’s kind of like if you take a character from Bob’s Burgers and pull it into your scariest nightmares.

People have gone so far as to giving MoMo her own WhatsApp account to terrorize children worldwide. I guess millennials do use their phones for everything: texting, social media and it’s the source of their nightmares.

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