MONOWHALES release new EP, Control Freak

It has been a BIG year for the little-band-that-could, MONOWHALES.

After their single, “Take It Back”, took the alternative music scene by storm, peaking at #25 on the Canadian Alternative Rock Radio charts, MONOWHALES were ready to take it to the next level. The release of their new EP, Control Freak, represents the culmination of a year’s hard work and a touring schedule that would turn any band into road warriors.

With this new 6-track EP, the range of MONOWHALES’ pop-infused indie rock is on full display. The first track, and first single, “Take It Back” blends the two nicely, with its catchy and upbeat chorus, and a verse that is anchored by its guitar riff. This is the track that put them on the indie rock-map in Canada, and has propelled them to craft their amazing EP, Control Freak.

The one thing that strikes you upon first listen of Control Freak is how much the choruses of each song beg you to sing-a-long by the time you reach the second chorus. On a standout-track like “Alive Now”, which is driven by its heavy guitar and rhythm, you’re screaming “25, FELT SO ALIVE!” like you’ve been singing along to it for years.

The goal of any music release, whether an EP or a full-length record, is to make you feel something. On Control Freak, MONOWHALES have crafted an emotional experience that takes you through a whole range of emotions. Over the course of the Control Freak EP, you can: dance, headbang, rock out, get pumped up, reflect on younger days, and so much more!

Check out MONOWHALES’ Control Freak EP everywhere you get your music NOW!


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