Woman tries to feed co-workers laxative laced brownies

That’s one way to go out.

That is what the world is saying after news of a woman being fired after trying to serve laxative laced brownies to her co-workers spread across the internet like wildfire.

It could be a scene right out of a comedy movie.

The 47-year-old Michigan woman allegedly brought the spiked brownies into the office for a farewell gathering that was occurring for a departing employee later that day. However, she must not have been as secretive with her plan as she originally thought because the police were called after a concerned employee informed management that something might be wrong.

At first she denied any wrongdoing but upon questioning from the authorities it was revealed that she had indeed added the laxatives to the brownie mix.

Luckily for everyone involved no one ate any of the brownies so no crime was actually committed and no charges have been filed.


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