This new "self-chilling' sparkling coffee could change the way we drink

This is the type of science I can get behind.

Have you ever been handed a canned beverage on a hot summers day only to be instantly heartbroken when you discovered that it was warm? Thanks to the team of scientists at 7-Eleven Inc. and Fizzics Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee, you may never have to suffer such bitter disappointment ever again.

How you ask? According to the companies press release with their brand new Chill-Can technology being implemented for the first time in the Fizzics beverages. Using science they have found a way using science to use reclaimed CO2 to cool down the drink while inside the can.

While it sounds complicated, chilling the can is actually a simple four step process:

  1. Place the can on a flat surface, turn the can upside down and twist the base to activate until a constant hissing noise can be heard.
  2. Do not handle or touch the can after activation until the hissing stops. The warmth of being handheld can inhibit the cooling process.
  3. Do not turn can right side up until hissing stops—about 75 – 90 seconds.
  4. Once the hissing stops, return the can to an upright position, open, and enjoy!

As of now, the beverages are still in the testing faze, they are only being made available to customers at select 7-Eleven locations in California. If successful, there is no telling how far and how fast this technology will spread.

I don’t know about you bur I would be more than happy living in a world with no warm cans ever again.

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