Ryan Reynolds sings on South Korean TV dressed as a unicorn

Some people are truly blessed with it all.

Charisma, great sense of humor, good looks, beautiful family, unimaginable wealth, proudly Canadian and now add voice of an angel to the already lengthy and impressive resume of Ryan Reynolds.

The 41-year-old Vancouver native was in South Korea to promote his upcoming movie “Deadpool 2”. Whilst there, he appeared on the highly popular singing show “King of Mask Singer.” A show where constants are covered head to toe in costume, supposedly forcing the judges to purely focus on the music.

Reynolds choice of costume? A unicorn. Complete with a glitter filled mask and a shimmering silver cape. You can watch the entire performance below.

An unconventional but classic song choice, going with “Tomorrow” from the 1982 classic “Annie” got the audience moving as Reynolds surprisingly strong singing voice won them over. While the crowd was into the performance while he was still in costume, they completely lost their collective minds once his true identity was revealed.

As usual, Reynolds took time to interact with the live audience answering a couple questions while also cracking a joke or two; At one point telling the those in attendance that he was wearing an adult diaper before the conversation shifted towards his promotional tour.

“Deadpool 2” will be in theaters everywhere starting Thursday.

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