Raccoons have figured out how to open the 'critter-proof' green bins

The trash pandas are taking over! In just under 2 years the tiny creatures have figured out how to open the “critter-proof” green bins that cost the city of Toronto approximately $31 million.

The whole idea behind the bin was that you twist the handle to lock or unlock it preventing raccoons and other animals from being able to rip it open. But those little buggers are too smart, and they’ve figured it out. Last week Graeme Boyce posted a video to Facebook showing a ‘coon twisting the handle to unlock the bin, prying it open, and then climbing in to enjoy it’s trash feast.


The worst part is now that one of them has figured it out, it’s going to pass the knowledge along to the other trash pandas. So it looks like we’re going to have to revert back the days of putting heavy objects on top of the bins to keep the ‘coons out.

Or we can just accept our fate, and let the raccoons take over. It’s bound to happen anyways.

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