New drug smuggling tactics involve your favourite Disney characters

Drug smugglers are some of the most creative people out there. With advancements in technology the days of duct-taping a bunch of cocaine to your chest and trying not to seem suspicious at the border are long gone.

From smuggling cocaine in fruit, to meth in dick-shaped candles, they’re always on the cutting edge and coming up with new and innovative tactics.

The latest smuggling escapades to make the news involve Disney wax figurines.

Who would suspect drugs to be concealed inside of such innocent characters like Donald Duck, Winnie The Pooh, and Pluto? But according to WSB-TV investigators in Gwinnett County, Georgia, found approximately 500lbs of meth with a street value of $2 million shoved inside wax figurines of the Disney characters.

The shipment is believed to have come from Mexico and was bound for Atlanta according to DEA special agent Robert Murphy. According to Murphy this is the work of a “major organization” and the meth-containing figurines shipped among ceramic decoys in order to better conceal the drugs.

No arrests have been made, and the investigation is ongoing. What will they think of next?

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