Heinz proposed mayonnaise-ketchup condiment sparks controversy

Heinz USA started a huge controversy this week over the introduction of a potential new product. The company took to Twitter on Thursday with a poll asking consumers to vote on whether or not they want #mayochup to be released in America. The post blew up, gaining over 600,000 votes by Friday evening.

The poll currently sits at just under a million votes, with a pretty clear divide by voters, with 55% in favour of the new condiment, but a significant 45% opposed.

The combination of mayonnaise and ketchup is widely known as “fry sauce,” and is available from other brands. But the real thing that’s bothering people is the absurdity of needing to pre-mix the stuff. Nerdist wrote an entire post on it, pointing out how simple it is to mix yourself. But if you think that “mayochup” is something you’d like to see in the world, you can have your say. The poll is running on Heinz Twitter account for another day. Do it up!


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