UK police shut down a rave held in an abandoned Toys ‘R’ Us

With Toys ‘R’ Us facing an unstable financial future, and stores closing down around the world a group of ravers took it upon themselves to hold a party in one of the abandoned toy stores. Unfortunately before the party was able to fully take off local police shut it down.

The Hounslow Police of West London Tweeted that they had “closed down an unlicensed music event on Bull’s Bridge Industrial Estate, Hayes Road, UB2.” Also included in the Tweet was a photo of the Toys ‘R’ Us sign altered to read “Raves ‘R’ Us” complete with an anarchy circle around the “A.” Naturally.

Five people were arrested in the raid according to The New York Post, and Police said they seized a sound system at the site.

This is not the first time UK ravers have held a party in a perplexing location, just last year police shut down a 200-person rave held in a sewer. Wild.

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