Watch ‘Yodelling Kid’ go from Walmart to Coachella

After blowing up on social media and becoming arguably the greatest meme of the year to date, “Yodelling Kid” Mason Ramsey has been skyrocketed to Internet fame. Now he’s gone from the local Walmart to the stage at one of the biggest music festivals in the world.

Joining DJ and producer Wethan on stage at Coachella yesterday, he performed in front of a huge crowd of screaming fans. In a Tweet Wethan said that Ramsay was “supposed to be playing his school talent show” but he “took him to Coachella instead.”

User @dubstep4dads – a popular viral meme account – tweeted a video of Ramsay performing for the screaming crowd. Claiming to be the one to have set up the arrangement.

The Internet is a strange and beautiful place.

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