The Smiths' Johnny Marr teases details of new solo album

Johnny Marr is hinting at the details of his next solo album, Call the Comet.

The former Smiths guitarist unveiled the name of an upcoming LP via his Instagram accounting today, noting that more details are to come.

Last year, Marr teased a pending politically-toned record, stating that the music touches on “what it feels like to be alive in the UK right now.”

“There’s a track called ‘Bug,’ which is about the virus of the right wing and bolstering our immune systems,” he said to The Guardian in December. “There’s another song that is about the feeling directly after Trump and Brexit, but it turned into a story of escaping into this kind of alternative society.”

Marr revealed the new political material with the single “The Priest.” Stream the track below!

Call the Comet will be Marr’s third solo release.

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