Holograms are becoming a real thing, sort of

A UK based startup wants to make holograms a reality. HoloMe is the brainchild of Janosch Amstutz, and utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology to create “holograms” of real people. Basically, HoloMe turns a video of a person into a lifelike “hologram” that can be viewed through a smartphone or tablet. It’s sort of like Pokemon GO but instead of looking at Bulbasaur in front of you, it’s your buddy Mike. The image is then enhanced with effects that make it appear 3D. Sort of like that weird Snapchat dancing hotdog filter that everybody loves.

Although it may not be the blurry blue renderings that sci-fi movies have led us believe to be “true” holograms, it’s a really cool advancement in technology. Even the “truest” form of hologram we’ve seen to date – the 2002 resurrection of Tupac at Coachella – appeared more like a ghost. HoloMe’s technology puts a fully rendered person right in the room through your device. “It puts them in your space and you in their space,” Janosch explains. “The experience is totally different.” With advancements in virtual reality, and everybody having a device at their disposal, this could actually be the future of holograms.

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