A Canadian-American predicted what Elon Musk’s rocket roadster did yesterday—in 1981!

Earlier today, SpaceX, Tony Stark’s Elon Musk’s company, launched the biggest and most powerful private sector rocket ever conceived, with the idea of sending it into an orbit that will take it near Mars and beyond.

The payload aboard the Falcon Heavy was a Musk’s own Tesla Roadster–yes, a car–featuring this mannequin behind the wheel.

That picture is not fake. That’s actually what was launched today. The photo is from space.

The resemblance to the opening sequence of a Canadian-American adult animated movie from 1981 called Heavy Metal is freakin’ uncanny. The film (and its kickass soundtrack) was the product of a sci-fi/fantasy comic book-like magazine called Heavy Metal. 

Check out this clip featuring a song called “Radar Rider” by Riggs, a band that disappeared after they appeared on the soundtrack. The producers of Heavy Metal nailed it–except that in their vision the roadster is driven from space to earth. And that this space is driving a 1962 Corvette.

Let’s take a few more looks at Musk’s Radar Rider.

Better yet, let’s recut that “Radar Rider” clip to this YouTube video and give Riggs a second chance. (Note the nice nod to Douglas Adams on the dashboard, too.)

A couple more things about Musk’s spaceman. This is printed on a circuit board for when our future alien overlords intercept this car.


Second, David Bowie’s “Starman” is playing on repeat on the Roadster’s stereo system.

Third, a FRIGGIN’ CAR is going to orbit the sun for millions of years. Imagine the reaction of some future Earthers who, after this adventure has long been forgotten, stumble on this thing at 1.5 AU from home. The expression on their faces is gonna be priceless.

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