5 Songs You Must Hear This Week

TUNS, “When You’re Ready”

Single (Royal Mountain Records)
Recommended If You Like: Canadian indie rock royalty

 If you’ve been following your Canadian Indie Supergroup News, you’ll know that TUNS (named after the Technical University of Nova Scotia. Seriously.) consists of Chris Murphy of Sloan, Matt Murphy of The Super Friendz and Mike O’Neill of the Inbreds. This song was supposed to have appeared on their 2016 debut record, but they left it off at the last moment. Now they feel bad about it. Kinda like when the Beatles dropped “Strawberry Fields Forever” from Sgt. Pepper, right?


Sir Sly, “Run”

Don’t You Worry, Honey (Interscope)
RIYL: Fresh indie electronic grooves

Sir Sly—a band, not a dude—did well with “High”, the first single from their second album through the latter half of 2017. They’re booked for a bunch of festivals this year, including Coachella, Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo. Everyone should have a booking agent that good.


Matt and Kim, “FOREVER”

Able Island (Canvasback Music)
RIYL: Infectiously positive indie pop

Damn but Matt and Kim make a cute duo. They always seem to be having the time of their life whenever they perform or make a video. They’re just….happy, you know? Interesting that they’ve chosen this for a single considering the number of swears in the lyrics. But they’re happy swears, right? By the way, Kim is fully recovered from an ACL injury that she suffered during a gig in Mexico. That’s why we didn’t see much of them in 2017.


Andrew W.K., “Music is Worth Living For”

You’re Not Alone (Red/Sony Music)
RIYL: Partying hard. REALLY hard.

Andrew WK has been far too busy working as a motivational speaker for the last fourteen years to make a new album, but he finally had a break in his schedule. The song titles offer reassurance that he’s still all about partying hard. In addition to this single, the album contains “The Power of Partying,” “Party Mindset” and “The Party Never Dies.” If you’re looking for the opposite of misanthropic introvert, you’ve found it. Release date is March 2.


X. ARI, “Cattle Call”

Dis-Order EP (Third Man Records)
RIYL: K.Flay, Lorde, Bishop Briggs

One known as just ARI, this Toronto singer-songwriter is now living and working in LA. Her whole mantra is “turn pain into power.” This EP, set for release in May, will come with a short film entitled Grace, written and directed by Dan Abramovici (Check out his Ben’s Not Home on Netflix.) Side note: X. ARI is big into mental health awareness.

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