From Mariah Carey to the Backstreet Boys: school principals get musical with snow day announcements

School administrators are getting creative with how they announce cancelled classes.

Gone are the days when schoolchildren would sit anxiously by the radio listening for news of a snow day.

Some students now get to check their social media feeds for videos of school administrators showing off their “hidden” talents.

Two recent videos posted by the principal at Union Pointe Academy in Kentucky have not only been a hit with local school kids, but have also gone viral online.

In the first “music video” principal Chad Caddell creates his own rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Hero.”

“So I’m reaching out to you and I gotta say…the school is cancelled for today. Go back to bed and go out and play,” he sings.

“Play some Xbox and smile, drink hot chocolate for a while, you can thank me really soon, here’s a snow day just for you.”

Caddell admitted to People Magazine that he loves Mariah Carey and coming up with the new lyrics to the 90s classic was a breeze.

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“I sat down, and in 10 minutes I wrote the lyrics, and then my wife and I went on our porch, filmed it, and it was ready to go.”

The video has since garnered nearly 600,000 views on Facebook.

On Friday, another round of winter weather gave him the opportunity to channel his inner Garth Brooks with a version of “Friends In Low Places.”

Dressed in a cowboy hat and plaid shirt, Caddell sings, “I got friends in snow places, with the frozen toes and the frozen faces on this snow day.”

Union Pointe Academy wasn’t the only school to use catchy songs to announce a snow day.

On Thursday, staff from the Cumberland School District in Wisconsin made good news even better by creating a parody video with the help of Backstreet Boy AJ McLean.

AJ filmed the introduction for the video holding a Cumberland Beavers T-shirt and sings, “you’re having a snow day,” to the tune 1999 Backstreet Boys hit “I Want It That Way.”

The video then transitions to school teachers, principals and even students singing to their own version of the BSB classic, switching up the lyrics to “today is a snow day.”

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